GUMBY's Back, Dammit!

'Gumby' promo art
Credit: Papercutz
Credit: Papercutz

A new Gumby ongoing comic book series is launching from Papercutz to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the iconic cartoon The Gumy Show.

Gumby, a clay character best known for the aformentioned cartoon and for a series of Saturday Night Live sketches in which Eddie Murphy portrayed a decidedly more adult version of the character, was created by Art Clokey, whose son, Jeff Clokey, struck the deal with Papercutz.

The new Gumby series will consist of 32-page issues split between two ten-page main stories and a five-page back-up story in every issue.

Gumby certainly has a lot of adult fans but the character is also one of the great kids’ properties,” explained Papercutz Publisher Terry Nantier. “The graphic novels will let us place the character in bookstores, schools and libraries and reach a whole new generation of fans. It’s a brand-new format for Gumby to explore and I’m sure he’ll prove just as popular in this category as he has in other media and toys!”

Although no creative team has been named as of yet, Gumby #1 is scheduled to debut July 19.

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