LUKE CAGE Goes Solo In New 'Street Hero' Ongoing

Luke Cage #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Power Man & Iron Fist writer David Walker is taking Luke Cage solo in a new ongoing series set to launch in May, reports CBR. Luke Cage by Walker and artist Nelson Blake II is described as a "more contemplative" take on the character, looking to balance the stories from recent comic books as well as the live-action Netflix series.

"Yeah, it definitely is interesting trying to find that balance because the moment a character makes an appearance in a live-action medium, whether it’s television or film, suddenly a million more eyes are on that character, aware of that character, and have these ideas about the character," said Walker. "That’s what they come to expect. Then you have the readers, some of whom have been fans for decades, and while they love that character, they have different expectations and different desires."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Walker said that Luke Cage will be "a little more grounded" than Power Man & Iron Fist, but there will "always... be some level of the fantastic."

Credit: Marvel Comics

"We deal with the magic and the supernatural there, and some of that might turn up here, but I’ve been watching a lot of noir movies from the ’40s and the ’50s and reading some detective novels," said Walker. "I’m really immersing myself in that genre more. Luke still has that Hero for Hire sensibility, but I think the notion of what a hero is is so much more complex in this day and age. Luke is essentially a private detective. He’s a private detective who also happens to be a superhero. Maybe he’s more of a superhero first than he is a private detective, as opposed to his wife who is more of a detective than she is a superhero."

The first arc will have the former Carl Lucas revisiting his superhuman origin and the man behind it: Dr. Noah Burstein.

"Luke has a very high and strong opinion of him. That doesn’t come across in the show, but in the comics that’s always been there. They’ve always had this strong bond and relationship," said Walker. "In the comics, Noah is always referring to Luke as being just like a son. And Luke tends to think of Dr. Burstein as a second father."

Walker confirms that his current Power Man & Iron Fist will end in April, paving the way for Luke Cage in May.

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