A Return to Newsstands? One Publisher Aims To Do It With New Newsprint Line

Credit: Charles "Teenie" Harris

Indepedent publisher Alterna Comics has announced plans are underway for the company's upcoming line of discount newsprint titles to be shelved on newsstands in supermarkets and convenience stores. The publisher didn't release any details about specific vendors it would be using, but did confirm that it would be seperate from the direct market deal it has with Diamond Comic Distributors.

"We are currently in talks to get newsstand distribution (supermarkets, B&N, convenience stores) for our newsprint comics. #fingerscrossed," tweeted the company. "Newsstand distribution would be in addition to comic shop distribution with Diamond. DCD will not be distributing to newsstands."

Once the primary distribution outlet for comic books, most publishers retreated from non-bookstore newsstands in the 1980s with Archie Comics being one of the lone hold-outs.

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