ROCKET #1 Sends ROCKET RACCOON on an Intergalactic Crime Spree

Rocket #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Rocket Raccoon is heading back to space after a brief stint trapped on Earth with Rocket #1, launching in May. The series, which will replace the current Rocket Raccoon ongoing series which ends in April after five issues, features Rocket embarking on a life of intergalactic crime across the Marvel Universe.

Al Ewing will serve as series writer, and will be joined by artist Adam Gorham. The cover seems to pair Rocket with members of Technet, a group of interdimensional bounty hunters from Excalibur.

“This is the book you never realized you desperately needed from a talking raccoon,” explained Editor Jordan D. White. “It’s The Maltese Falcon if the falcon was the detective. It’s The Hunter, except the hunter is a rodent. And in space. Honestly, you gotta read it—it sets a new standard in the spacecrime continuum!”

Rocket #1 is due out in May.

Except more Guardians-related #1s in May to coincide with Marvel Studios' release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that month. 

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