Fans Launch Petition For ZACK SNYDER to Direct THE BATMAN

Still from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Credit: Clay Enos (Warner Bros.)

A fan of the DC Cinematic Universe have launched a petition for Justice League director Zack Snyder to take over as director of The Batman in the wake of Ben Affleck's departure from that role - though he's staying on as star and producer.

"On Tuesday, we received the news that Ben Affleck has officially stepped down from directing The Batman. It's a disappointment, since he's a fantastic director," reads the Change.Org petition, started by fan Jennifer Huneycutt. "The film will still have a lot of his influence, which is good news. However, the question now becomes: Who should be in the director's chair when cameras start rolling on The Batman? To me, the answer is obvious – Zack Snyder."

The petition goes on to cite Snyder's eye for cinematic detail, asserts his direct faithfulness to the comic book page, and states that Snyder "doesn't try to stick his two cents in every movie just because he can." It continues by asserting that having multiple directors on DC's tentpole films is a bad idea, citing Suicide Squad as an example of why Snyder should direct as many of DC's films as possible, to ensure quality.

The petition stands at 335 signatures as of the time of this writing.

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