BATMAN Artist Contributes To YOUNGBLOOD Revival

"Youngblood #1" variant
Credit: David Finch (Image Comics)
Credit: David Finch (Image Comics)

Batman artist David Finch has contributed a variant cover for Rob Liefeld's planned 2017 Youngblood relaunch at Image Comics. Finch's artwork is a homage to Liefeld's cover to the original 1992 Youngblood #1.

Although best known for his work at DC and Marvel, Finch is one of Image's earliest artists - joining the publisher in 1994 to work on Cyberforce. Finch went on to do his own creator owned series, Ascenscion, with his long-time collaborator Matt Banning.

The planned Youngblood revival is scheduled to be written by Liefeld and Chad Bowers, with art by Jim Towe. No release date has been set, as Liefeld has stated that he intends to have three issues completed before an announcement is made in order to avoid delays.

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