SECRET WEAPONS Channels VALIANT's 90s History With ARRIVAL Writer

Secret Weapons #1
Credit: Valiant

Valiant has announced Secret Weapons, a new series with ties to the Harbinger saga that brings back elements of Valiant's 1990s continuity from writer Eric Heisserer and artist Raul Allen.

Secret Weapons focuses on four new characters, led by Livewire, who were secretly activated by the Harbinger Foundation long ago, but were hidden from the world because Harada deemed their powers to be of no use to him.

The team will face off with Rex-o, a major Valiant villain from the 1990s who has yet to appear in modern rebooted continuity.

“My path to Secret Weapons is a bit wonky,” explained Heisserer. “I started writing for characters like Pete, Faith, Livewire, and Bloodshot in the film adaptations of their stories. When I am given the opportunity to translate a property to screen, it's like adopting someone else's child for a while. I put in my time, try to respect all the hard work of the original authors, and sooner or later I'm on my way."
Credit: Valiant
“The Valiant characters were different, especially Livewire. I kept thinking about her, long after my official writing services were complete. I wanted back into that world. I had crazy ideas for her powers, and the hard choices ahead of her. So, I asked to build a new book for Valiant, with a new group of faces, all led by Amanda. To my relief, Dinesh Shamdasani and Warren Simons said yes."
“Of all the writing I've done in the last year, my heart is most in Secret Weapons and its collection of freaks, misfits, and outcasts. And I think a story of a woman who's shouldered such great burdens, now trying to rescue some lost souls and form a surrogate family, may be one of the most emotional stories I've put to paper."
“And where this story goes? Oh man, buckle up.”
Credit: Valiant
Secret Weapons #1 will hit shelves on June 28. You can check out the first interior pages from the issue right here .
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