JOCK, JAMES O'BARR, More Chip In for Art Collective's SLAVES FOR GOD

"Slaves For God" Vol. 1 cover
Credit: Jock (Hermes Press)
Credit: Jock (Hermes Press)

Press Release

Sentient Technologies just developed the world’s first self-aware AI program, Jenny 001. She is perfect in every way, except that she was created using stolen alien technology. Advancing quicker than the company could have predicted, JENNY 001 falls in love with a computer programmer named Daryl, and when their relationship is threatened, he is forced to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. In the process, Daryl crosses paths with the Slaves For Gods, an anarchist group with a similar agenda, to bring down Sen-Tec, and it’s maniacal CEO Gasoline Face. Equal parts science fiction, and post 9-11 paranoia, Slaves For Gods is a graphic novel about love, the corruption of power, and the dark side of human nature.

Hermes Press announces the first volume of Slaves For Gods by the art collective These Machines Are Winning. Illustrated in a combination of stark black & white and vivid color by Aaron Minier (PUSH), with additional interior art by James O’Barr (The Crow), Clayton Stillwell (The Book of Life), Antoine Dode (The Crow: Curare), and Sebastian Fiumara (Abe Sapien).

Each version of the graphic novel comes with an accompanying digital download of original music written and produced by Dylan Silvers (The Polyphonic Spree) that expands on the story and its themes.
Cover art A by Jock (All Star Batman, Wytches) comes with a digital download of “Teenage LSD”,  an analog exploration into dreamy 60's psych pop, with music contributions by members of The Polyphonic Spree, Leon Bridges band, and the Toadies.
Cover art B art by Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead) comes with a digital download of the album “Slaves For Gods,” a combination of dark electro-cyber punk, shoegaze, and early industrial pop co-produced by Dafe Trumfio (Wilco), and Casey Dilorio (Midlake), with music contributions by members of Cursive, Psychedelic Furs, Sarah Jaffe, White Denim and True Widow.

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