3 Dead Inside Batcave As BANE Rocks Gotham In BATMAN #16 - SPOILERS

Batman #16
Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki/Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)
Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki/Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

If the Batman brand seems seems a little diluted in real life, it's nothing compared to the character's comic book world, as readers found out in this week's Batman #16. As the Bat-family gathered to talk about current events, readers were shown the Batburger franchise.

Batburger offers menu items like Night-Wings, Robin Nuggets, the KGBLT and the Two-Face Sandwich. And best off all, you can Jokerize your fries, adding seasoning with red, white and green.

Batman #16's meeting at Batburger, which is filled with gags about the Bat-family (and a subtle Kingdom Come homage), includes Bruce, Dick, Jason, Damian and Duke. In one exchange, Damian's upset that his Bat-Mite Meal came with a Red Hood toy. Duke is amazed that Bruce eats his Batburger with a knife and fork.

Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki/Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

Batman arranges the meeting - but not the chosen setting - because he wants to warn the Bat-family about Bane's coming attempt at revenge. In previous issues, Batman broke into Bane's Santa Prisca compound to take back Psycho Pirate, hoping to utilize the character's powers to reverse the damage he did to Claire (a.k.a. Gotham Girl).

Batman says it will take five sessions, five days, to reverse what Psycho Pirate did to Gotham Girl - and when those five days are done, Bruce says he'll destroy the Pirate's mask. During those five days, Batman expects Bane to do everything he can to get the Pirate back.

Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki/Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

As the characters eat their Batburger meals, Bruce demands that they all leave Gotham City.

"Go on vacation without your masks," he says, "or put your masks on and find other monsters to fight. I don't care what you do, as long as you don't do it here. Bane is stronger than you. He may be stronger than me."

"Five days," he says. "I need five days to save Gotham Girl."

Credit: David Finch/Danny Miki/Jordie Bellaire (DC Comics)

The only one of the young Bat-allies to apparently heed Batman's words is Duke, who says he's leaving town. The other three joke about ignoring Batman, taking down Bane and maybe dying, again.

After a scene that shows Batman and Catwoman together - and clarifying to readers that she hasn't left town - Bruce is inside Wayne Mansion, getting Gotham Girl ready for her second treatment with Psycho Pirate.

When Bruce, Claire, and Alfred arrive in the Batcave, they are shocked to find three bodies hanging in nooses from the ceiling. One body looks like Damian, one looks like Dick and the other looks like Jason. On their bodies are written, in red painted letters, "I. Am. Bane."

Batman #17 is scheduled to be released February 15.

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