Reynolds, Timberlake or Cooper to Play Green Lantern?

According to multiple sources, Warner Bros. is down to three choices for who will play Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern film: Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake.

All three actors had a deal with Warners to commit to the film if selected, but that deal expired on Monday, and all three actors can now accept other offers. As The Hollywood Reporter states: “the clock is ticking” for director Martin Campbell and producers Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti.

All three actors have had two rounds of screen tests, but – again, according to THR, the producers, director and studio had a different favorite among the three and as a result, not consensus has been reached.

The trade is also reporting that the studio is looking to get a handle on production costs for the film, which is expected to run between $150-$200 million.

The studio has set a December, 2010 opening for Green Lantern.

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