BOOKBURNERS Enter Comic Books with 'The Quill'

"The Quill" preview

The hit prose serial Bookburners mixed The Da Vinci Code-style theatrics with urban fantasy, and now that mix is coming to comic books. Michael Alan Nelson and Joe Flood have created an 8-page short, "The Quill," set in the Bookburners universe.

"With 'The Quill,' Michael Alan Nelson and Joe Flood add their own chapter to the saga," said Bookburners co-writer Margaret Dunlap. "From the first time I saw this story I was struck and delighted by how deftly it captures the essence of Bookburners in a new medium: from the ghastly weirdness of the Vanished Dimension, to the humor of taciturn Grace casually punching an obnoxious student. Max, Mur, Brian, and I have never met Nelson and Flood, but they are surely part of the team, and the Bookburners universe is richer for their contributions to it."

Newsarama shares "The Quill" with readers exclusively this week at the same time a print edition of Bookburners is being released by Simon & Schuster/Saga Press.”

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