JACK KIRBY, ALAN MOORE, Others Celebrated In New Warner Bros. Documentary Series

Jack Kirby self portrait
Jack Kirby self portrait
Credit: Jack Kirby

The digital network Machinima is launching a new documentary series profiling creative icons, and is kicking it off with an episode devoted to Jack Kirby. Here is a trailer for the episode:

Hosted by Comic Book Girl 19, Greater Creators is described by the Warner Bros.-owned company as "an in-depth study of creative icons who push the boundaries of art and whose influence can still be felt today." With a first season comprised of 14 episodes, Greater Creators debuted Tuesday with future episodes coming weekly on go90.

Future episodes will focus on Alan Moore, Gene Roddenberry, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, Hayao Miyazaki, Frank Frazetta, Ray Harryhausen, and others.

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