Updated: Anthrax's Scott Ian to Write Lobo

Lobo always did have a heavy metal edge, and now the character's got a writer to prove it.

According to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, he's writing a two-issue Lobo comic for DC that is being drawn by artist Sam Kieth for release this fall.

Ian confirmed the comic in an interview with The Quietus.com, saying that writing a comic book character comes more naturally to him than writing songs.

"I have a bit of that going on with the comic book character Lobo. I find it much easier to write comic books than lyrics, actually, because it's a natural dialogue," Ian said. "Writing song lyrics is not natural, but over the years, I know what I need to know to get it done. I find it quite easy to capture a character and use my own personality and humor."

The guitarist also talked about the upcoming Lobo comic on his blog at UltimateBet.com, and Kieth confirmed Ian's involvement in a recent interview about his Oni series, My Inner Bimbo.

"Looking at Sam Kieth art for my Lobo book. SICK!!!!" Ian posted on his Twitter page.

Ian, who hosted Rock Show for VH1 and also starred in the reality series SuperGroup, is writing the series while also promoting new albums this summer from both Anthrax and the musician's other band, Pearl.

DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio had announced in June that Lobo would be coming back with Sam Kieth attached, but only on art. Although the writer for the series wasn't announced, DiDio played coy, telling Newsarama last week that the writer was someone outside the comic book industry.

"We've reached outside the normal circle of writers and have brought someone in who will have an excellent perspective on the character – something that's different that's sure to raise an eyebrow," DiDio said.

Lobo was created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen in 1983, becoming one of DC's most popular comic characters during the 1990s, even appearing in the cartoon television shows Justice League and Superman: The Animated Series. The gritty-looking character, who rides on a space cycle, has extraordinary strength and an accelerated healing factor. But his real appeal often lies within the character's humorous self-centered attitude and zest for mindless violence.

The character has enjoyed a revival recently, including appearances as a recurring character in the year-long weekly series 52 and in the two-part crossover with Batman titled Deadly Serious that Kieth wrote and drew in August 2007.

Update: Citing "rumblings and seen reports here and there," Thursday evening, DC Comics  confirmed Ian's Tweets about his Lobo project, stating that the two-issue, prestige format, Lobo: Highway to Hell will ship in November. At The Source, Senior Story EditorIan Sattler said, "This is everything you know and love about Lobo – extreme violence, cursing, drinking, extremer violence…Scott was born to write this series!  And Sam has blown our minds every step of the way.  I honestly think this is some of the coolest work he’s ever done.  He manages to pull off a surprise on every page.  It totally rules.”

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