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Tony Todd has played numerous villains in genre films and television over the years including voicing Zoom in CW's The Flash, and he recently revealed that he almost voiced Doctor Strange's Dormammu. Titular star Benedict Cumberbatch voiced the villain in the movie, but according to Todd he was brought in to re-record those lines as the producers were unsure where to go with the character.

"I have to tell you about one recent disappointment. I almost did Doctor Strange. I went in to do a session to play Dormammu. Benedict had already recorded it but the producers wanted another voice just as an alternative," Todd told CBR. "We did a six-hour session and then two weeks before the movie came out they let me know that they went back to the original choice. I say this just to point out to everybody that you’ve got to roll and sway with all these punches and waves that come at you. Did I cry? No. I understood. I was disappointed at the value that I lost - people going, 'Dude, are you Dormammu?' But there’ll be another Dormammu."

Todd is perhaps best known as the Candyman from the 1990s horror franchise of the same name, and he has played roles in various comic book projects including voicing Darkseid, Icon, and Astaroth in various DC animated projects.

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