SILVER SURFER Delays Mount Up As SLOTT's Schedule Gets Busier

Marvel Comics December 2016 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Retailers were just notified of even more delays to Dan Slott and Mike Allred's Silver Surfer title. The title, which was relaunched in January 2016 following Secret Wars, is now on a four-month delay, with November 23's planned Silver Surfer #9 now rescheduled to March 8. Subsequent issues have also been delayed, with #10 going from December 7 to April 12;  March 8's #11 now set for May 10; and April 12's #12 now scheduled for June 14.

While artists are normally typecast as the reason for delays, it appears more likely that in this case it is the writer. Marvel Comics' recently brought in Christos Gage to co-write Amazing Spider-Man with Slott during The Clone Conspiracy, and he has also taken on outside work as consulting producer of Disney XD's Spider-man animated series.

During these delays, Silver Surfer series artist Mike Allred has taken on outside work as well, as he's scheduled to draw April's Doom Patrol #7 for DC Comics' Young Animal imprint.

Marvel declined to comment on this story.

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