MARVEL - SQUARE ENIX Thursday Mystery Announcements - Could They Be the Same Thing?

Marvel / Square Enix
Credit: Marvel Entertainment / Square Enix

Both Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix signaled fans to be on the lookout for major announcements this Thursday. And while two major media companies both having announcements on the same day could easily be simply coincidence, there's a chance - a good chance, in fact - that the announcements are one and the same.

Square Enix produces the Kingdom Hearts games, the third installment of which, Kingdom Hearts III, is currently in production. Kingdom Hearts is a roleplaying game that pairs up characters from Square-Enix's other games, such as the Final Fantasy series, mixing with Disney characters including mainstays like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, with players venturing to worlds based on Disney films such as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, and interacting with the characters of those movies.

Now that Marvel is under the Disney umbrella - with Kingdom Hearts III being the first major game in the series developed since Disney bought Marvel - could Square Enix and Marvel be announcing the inclusion of a Marvel Universe world in the game?

Back in 2014, shortly after Kingdom Hearts III was officially announced, the game's co-director Tai Yasue said that Marvel's characters were "not off-limits" under Disney and Square-Enix's partnership. Then, at D23 2015, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts III would include a world based on the Disney animated film Big Hero 6, which is in turn based on Marvel characters. And just last month, game director Tesuya Nomura said they are currently working on "unannounced worlds" for the game.

Marvel and Square Enix have also partnered directly before, with Square Enix's action figure subsidiary PlayArts KAI releasing a series of Marvel figures.

Could fans be on track to equip Sora and his friends with Captain America's shield along with Cloud's Buster Sword? We may well find out on Thursday.

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