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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

At the end of the "New 52," the DC universe despised the Green Lanterns, and their ranks were dwindled. Not only had Hal Jordan been discharged (and gave up his ring), but the Guardians were mostly destroyed and almost all of the Green Lantern Corps had been transported away to parts unknown.

But "Rebirth" made all things new again. Even though Robert Venditti (who recently wrote the New 52 Green Lantern) is still writing the new Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps title, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the rest of the Corps are home again, and Hal Jordan is ready to be a space cop, forging a new ring from his own will.

Now that DC's "Rebirth" relaunch is more than sixth months old, several of its twice-monthly titles are reaching their twelfth issue. In our latest summary of the 12-issue changes since "Rebirth" launched, Newsarama takes a look at what has happened in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps and what may be coming next.

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Sinestro Battle

Just when they returned, the re-emerging Green Lanterns had to deal with Sinestro, his daughter Soranik Natu, and the rest of the Yellow Lanterns. The Sinestro Corps took over law enforcement when the green guys were gone. Warwold, Parallax, and a fear-powered battery now sit where Oa once did, torturing and ruling in fear, and the Green Lanterns are having none of that.

Gardner gets captured and tortured (but keeps repeating the Green Lantern oath to get through the pain), and Hal gets a beating. But it turns out that Soranik isn't on the same page as her father, and she makes sure Hal is strong enough to fight Sinestro.

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And wow, do Sinestro and Hal fight! Sinestro's all powered up from his fear battery machine, and Hal's all ring-formed-of-will-tastic. Soranik frees Guy, and Hal goes ballistic, destroying Warworld - and (seemingly) wipes out himself and Sinestro with it.

By Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps#8, Mogo becomes the new Oa-type center of the universe, where Soranik and a few of her yellow friends start hanging out with the new Green Lantern Corps.

Grand Collector

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When John Stewart is told about an invasion of Xudar (the planet from which Tomar-Tu and his bird-faced friends come), he leaves with the Green Lantern Corps to investigate. And it turns out Xudar is being invaded by Starro!

With some unwelcome help from the Yellow Latnerns, the Green Lanterns chase big-Starro away, but his mini-Starros have taken over the minds of the populace. The Lanterns defeat the mini-Starros with the help of Rot Lop Fan, the only blind Green Lantern (cool throw-back). The character uses sound to kill the little nasty stars so they drop off the faces of the Xugarians.

And when the Green Lanterns try to leave Xudar, they can't - there's a giant force field around the planet.

And what villain appears to be the mastermind? Brainiac.

Yes, it appears that Xudar - or at least, the city on Xudar where Starro attacked (and the Green Lanterns are now trapped) - is now part of Brainiac's shrunken "collection." And Brainiac says he's working for the "Grand Collector."

And who is the Grand Collector? Larfleeze!

(One of the greedy Orange Lantern's constructs found Brainiac's robot head some time ago, and it was like a match made in heaven.)


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Class Reunion

Meanwhile, on Nok (the home planet of the Indigo Lanterns), exiled ex-Guardians Ganthet and Sayd become aware of Hal Jordan's ring, which is still looking for its master (after he went supernova and destroyed Warworld and Sinestro).

So readers find out that Hal Jordan isn't exactly dead. He's in Emerald Space, a sort of purgatory for dead Green Lanterns. But among the dead lanterns there with Hal is Abin Sur; the former Green Lantern tells Hal that he doesn't actually belong there. (We could have guessed that, am I right?)

In order to bring Hal back to life, Ganthet and Sayd have to get the White Lantern, Kyle Rayner. Remember him? He's been presumed dead (by the other characters in the Corps) but is actually wandering the universe with a bunch of hippie-type Guardians (who showed up during the "New 52" - but they appear to be gone now).

Eventually, Kyle is able to utilize his powers of the White Lantern to bring Hal back from Emerald Space.

Cue reunion of Kyle, Hal, Ganthet, and Sayd.

No time for a group hug, though, because when Hal and friends find out that the other Green Lanterns are back, they all go searching for them.

John, Guy and friends have tricked Larfleeze into letting them out of their bottled city (because they pretended to fight, and the greedy Larfleeze didn't want them to be damaged).

The Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corps all fight Larfleeze and his avarice-powered constructs. They win by distracting him, breaking his collection of shrunken cities. (And some of the cities contain things that readers don't mind breaking, including the "New 52" Lobo - although they decide to leave him on the shelf).

Hal and Kyle show up to fight with John and Guy and friends. Xudar is restored and by the end of issue #12, it appears that all is right in the world of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.

Credit: DC Comics

Lantern Future

So what's next for the Corps? Readers will get a glimpse into the future in issue #13, then a new adventure awaits in #14 when they go after the Blue Lanterns.

There will be more colors around soon, as the Green Lantern has to deal with more Sinestro Corps members, but Lantern fans will probably be pleased to see Saint Walker again soon.

Then in issue #17, Kyle Rayner will be forced to choose whether he wants to continue to wear a White Lantern ring, or whether he will fight as another color.

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