THE TICK and ARTHUR Crash A Birthday Party for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

"The Tick - FCBD 2017 Edition" preview

And Ben Edlund's trademark character has his own presidental election saga in a preview of the Free Comic Book Day release, The Tick.

(W) Jeff McClelland (A/CA) Duane Redhead
The Tick celebrates FCBD 2017 with 32 pages of full-color fun! In the all-new 15-page lead, "Happy Birthday, Tick!", The Tick throws himself the ultimate super-party! But he invites both good guys and bad guys, figuring everyone can be pals in the interest of birthday celebrating! Party plans may go awry when The Terror attends along with his ninjas! Backup story: the presidential election saga, "Civic Duty", previously only seen in a limited convention special. 29 pages of FCBD fun! This is going to be a BIG year for The Tick with the new Amazon TV show! (STL036362)
32pgs, FC              PI

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