Could TRUMP's Trade Policy Plans Affect Comic Book Prices?

Donald Trump
Credit: NBC

President Donald Trump's transition team is considering implementing a trade tariff as high as 10% on goods imported to the United States, according to CNN. A trade tariff is a tax on imported goods that is often used to make the cost of imported goods higher to U.S. consumers than the cost of goods made domestically. Trump's plan is reportedly intended to bolster U.S. manufacturing by spurring U.S. companies to make their goods domestically rather than importing them.

Many comic book publishers including DC, Marvel, IDW, and Valiant print some of their single issues, graphic novels, and collected editions in Canada and overseas. A tariff on importing those printed goods could theoretically spur an increase in cover price or the decision to print domestically. Quebecor and Transcontinental, two of the biggest printers of comic books, are located in Canada.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) prevents the U.S. from levying tariffs against Canadian goods that meet the pact's Rules of Origin standards, allowing American publishers to print their books in Canada and import them duty free since its implementation in 1994. However, according to CNN, President Trump has reportedly begun the process of renegotiating NAFTA, which could allow the U.S. to place a tariff on Canadian goods regardless of whether they meet the Rules of Origin standards outlined in the original agreement.

The video game industry is reportedly already preparing for potential trade tariffs, according to Polygon. The Entertainment Software Association is reportedly looking into the ramifications of a tariff on video games and consoles. 

At this time, no publishers have publicly adressed concerns over the potential tariffs.

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