Black Panther & The Crew
Credit: Marvel Comics

Jackson "Butch" Guice has been confirmed as the artist of the upcoming Black Panther & The Crew title scheduled to be launched in April by Marvel. The title, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey, was announced last week by the publisher.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"Christopher Priest wrote what turned out to be a mini-series that I just adored called The Crew. Black Panther wasn’t in the original Crew, but he was weirdly sort of related because an ancillary character of his series was in the Crew. It was a unique book because the majority of the characters were black. So when I came back to write Black Panther, I read a bunch of Christopher Priest’s stuff, and I wanted to bring it back," Coates said of the series. "I was going to try to do it with the same members that he had. But it became clear that certain characters would not be available for various reasons. So I decided to think about it in a different way and think about something new."

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