VENOM Comes Full Circle for Summer Marvel Story-Arc

Venom #150 ad
Credit: Adam Kubert/Dean White (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

The original Venom, Eddie Brock, is returning to the symbiote in April's Venom #6. Back in December, Marvel announced a Venom #150 issue coming in May with "The Biggest Venom Story In Ten Years."

The February-solicited Venom #4 promises that both Spider-Man and Mac Gargan will appear in that issue of the series, meeting the symbiote's new host, Lee Price. Series editor Devin Lewis told Newsarama in 2016 that there are plans for Eddie Brock in relation to the book as well, which factor into a "momentous occasion" planned for Venom.

"I can say we do have plans for Eddie Brock. I can’t say what they are, but stay tuned," Lewis said. "In terms of other editorial goals, if readers look closely, there’s an anniversary of some kind coming up and it’s kind of a momentous occasion."

May 2017 would be the 29th anniversary of the debut of Venom from back in May 1988's Amazing Spider-Man #300. The symbiote itself debuted four years prior in Secret Wars #8.

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