WIZARD WORLD Conventions Go Cash/Check Only - No Credit Cards

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Credit: Wizard World

WizardWorld has informed exhibitors that, "effective immediately," it will no longer be accepting credit cards as a form of payment for booths or tables at any of events, relying strictly on cash or check.

"Checks must be received at the Los Angeles office 7 days prior to the first day of load-in. Checks received after this date will be automatically returned to the sender," reads the notice to exhibitors. "If no check is received within 7 days prior to the first day of load-in, exhibitors will be required to pay on-site with either a bank/cashier's check or cash. No personal checks will be accepted on-site.  Exhibitors that pay on-site will not receive booth placement until payment is remitted."

No reason was given by WizardWorld on the sudden change in policy.

Earlier this year the company announced it was undergoing a company 'reset,' and made some major changes to its infrastructure including outsourcing ticket sales to a third party vendor.

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