DYNAMITE Doubles Down On The End In Latest SOVEREIGNS Teaser

Sovereigns teaser #2
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Updated January 23, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. EST: A second teaser has been released promoting a planned April 2017 Dynamite Entertainment event title. Take a look:

Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

More teasers from the publisher are expected throughout the week.

Original Story: The first teaser for a planned April 2017 event has been released by Dynamite Entertainment. Framed with the text "All Things End...," it looks to be the first of several teasers the publisher has planned. Take a look:

Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite doesn't specify if this is an event centered around their many licensed properties or one of their other creator-driven books. Described as "a huge initative," the publisher said the creators include "one writer from Star Wars, one from Hasbro, one from DC, and one who is Mighty."

No artist is credited for the teaser artwork.

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