BENDIS Writes GILMORE GIRLS/MURDER, SHE WROTE Crossover, For Real... Sort Of

Gilmore Girls/Murder, She Wrote

Gilmore Girls may have already returned on Netflix, but now Rory and Lorelei have made a different kind of comeback, this time teaming up with Murder, She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher - and in comic book form, no less.

The one-page comic, commissioned by longtime Dark Horse executive Scott Allie as a gift for his wife Elisabeth, was written by none other than Marvel exclusive writer Brian Michael Bendis - no stranger to crime stories or quirky dialogue - with art by Mike Norton and Dave Stewart.

The page, given by Allie via Nerdist, takes place during Gilmore Girls season 2, while Lorelei and Rory are on a road trip. Jessica Fletcher's sweater in the comic page is a recreation of one worn by Angela Lansbury in an actual episode of Murder, She Wrote.

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