Marvel's Mightiest MONSTERS Unleashed Against AVENGERS In Classic Good vs. Evil Bout

"Avengers #1.MU" preview
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's latest event Monsters Unleashed kicked off this week, and next week the publisher's premiere superhero team will join the fray in Avengers #1.MU. The extra-sized one-shot by Thunderbolts' Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse starts as a minor threat and ends up an over-sized (in action and page count) battle.

With the earlier announcement of a Monsters Unleashed ongoing title later this year, Marvel's monsters are becoming a permanent fixture of the House of Ideas so Newsarama spoke with Jim Zub about this crossover with the Avengers and asked about what's to come.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Newsarama: Jim, you're taking on Marvel's flagship team next week for Avengers #1.MU. What can readers expect here?

Jim Zub: Massive monster-sized melee in the Mighty Marvel Manner. Spidey pulls the rest of the Avengers into helping him clean up a small-time mess but things take a turn for the monstrous. We pack in a lot of material, even with the extra page count.

Nrama: Which of the many monsters from Monsters Unleashed will be appearing in this?

Zub: I've got a trio of original monsters for this creature clash, but I’m not sure if they’ve been publicly named so I’ll keep their identities a secret for now. Suffice to say that they’re extra-big and extra-ugly.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Well, if you won’t share…. which Avengers are featured in this? We see several in the preview pages.

Zub: It’s the current Avengers crew in all their glory: Sam Wilson Captain America, Jane Foster Thor, Peter Parker Spider-Man, Nadia Pym the Wasp, the Vision, and Hercules.

Nrama: For this you're reuniting with Sean Izaakse, who has chipped in on Thunderbolts recently as well. How is he adapting to the Avengers and these big monsters?

Zub: I’ve read the whole issue and I’m thrilled with it! Sean’s a superstar artist in the making. His pages have a classic Marvel feel, but also remind me of rock solid contemporaries like Stuart Immonen and Terry Dodson. Every sequence Sean draws is appealing and action-packed. 

Nrama: Big Two events have been typecast as heroes vs. heroes, but this seems like the total opposite with heroes versus literal monsters. What's this kind of clear black-and-white storytelling allow for you as a writer?

Zub: It’s nice to have a clear threat where the good guys can be simply heroic and battle against incredible odds. Also, with these massive monsters as the antagonists, our heroes can really cut loose and use their abilities to the utmost. Unleashing the God of Thunder and Prince of Power at full strength on these towering terrors is an absolute blast.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: This is just a one-shot tie-in to Monsters Unleashed, but do you have more in mind you want to do with any of these characters?

Zub: Well, it’s my first time writing the Avengers so of course I’d be thrilled to tackle future stories with any of them. Spider-Man in particular lends himself well to the kind of fast-talking/trouble-making/wild action I love to write. I’m always down for more web-slinging adventure.

Nrama: Circling back around and going big picture, what are your goals for this issue then?

Zub: My plan was to build a fun and fast-paced classic superhero story anyone can pick up and enjoy – longtime fans or brand new readers. It’s all in-continuity and reflects the current state of the Avengers, but doesn’t require any prior reading. “Every comic is someone’s first” and I’d be thrilled if someone jumped on board the Avengers thanks to this issue.

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