New Day Revisits Days Of WWE Wrestling Past In ‘Optimistic Odyssey’

New Day's Optomistic Odyssey
Credit: Rob Guillory (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Dan Mora

WWE’s motto is “Then. Now. Forever,” and the first issue of BOOM! Studios’ WWE is revisiting that past thanks to the New Day’s time machine.

That’s right – wrestlers have a time machine.

Writer Ross Thibodeaux and Chew artist Rob Guillory have dusted off the time machine to revisit some of wrestling’s biggest moments, through the eyes of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Big E, and their trombone Francesca II: Turbo. The serial, which began in WWE: Then. Now. Forever., continues in this week's WWE #1, so Newsarama talked with both Thibodeaux and Guillory about their unique story and any big plans they have for WWE superstars beyond this.

Credit: Rob Guillory (BOOM! Studios)

Newsarama: Ross, Rob…. Kofi, Xavier, Big E. How did you two get paired up to do a New Day back-up serial for BOOM!'s WWE title?

Ross Thibodeaux: Well, we had just come off of doing a story for BOOM!’s Power Rangers Annual #1 when Rob and I got word that they would soon be publishing a WWE comic. The two of us are pretty big wrestling fans as well as fans of the New Day so it was a no brainer as to what we should do next. 

Rob Guillory: Yeah, Ross and I have been friends for years. We actually have wrestling nights where we catch the WWE pay-per-views. So yeah, when BOOM! hit us up about this, it was an absolute no-brainer.

Nrama: The book is out today, but some may have not gotten it yet – so what can you tell us about it?

Thibodeuax: It’s insane! There were actually moments when we said to ourselves, “There’s no way this gets approved for publication.” 

Guillory: The basic premise is "New Day Time Travel", which I think sells itself. Seeing the negativity of the current product, Xavier, Kofi, and Big E travel to various ridiculous points in WWE's history, seeking to infuse positivity into the time stream and changing the current WWE. It's totally nuts, and could only work with these three characters.

Credit: WWE

Nrama: Is there something specific to Xavier, Big E, and Kofi's characters that connect with you?

Thibodeaux: From what I know of those guys they seem like pretty big nerds like us who are into a lot of the same things. Video games, comic books, toys, etc.

Guillory: Yeah, I also appreciate their endless optimism and dedication to having a good time, no matter how dark things might be. It's a lot of fun to draw characters with that trait.

Credit: Rob Guillory (BOOM! Studios)

Nrama: Rob, there have been several pieces of artwork of New Day before - as someone now drawing a comic, do you put those out of your mind, get inspired by them, or what?

Guillory: I did my best not to pay too much attention to the New Day fan art that's out there. That stuff's great, but I wanted to draw mostly from what weirdness popped up into my own head. I chose to focus more on what's conveyed in the Booty-O’s box art. That says everything I need to know, and that paints WWE's ideal characterization of the three, so I used that as my starting point. 

Credit: Rob Guillory (BOOM! Studios)

Nrama: WWE have had comic books through several companies before, but BOOM! seems to be handling them much differently than others - as a group of characters instead of just a show. What do you feel about the approach?

Thibodeaux: Boom’s approach is on point. I mean, these men and women are characters in a story after all, so they should be presented as such. 

Credit: Rob Guillory (BOOM! Studios)

Guillory: I think the fact that the folks at BOOM! are such huge wrestling geeks helps. They're super-dedicated to making a WWE comic that they themselves would want to read, and I think that's the best approach.

Nrama: This serial is continuing on to future issues of WWE, but do you want to do more WWE comic book stories beyond this? Are there some here you can name-drop to get editors and fans excited? Past or present superstars are available.

Thibodeaux: Honestly, I wouldn’t be against writing a handful of full length New Day comics. I have some wild places I’d like to take those guys. Other than that I’d be up for a Four Horsemen story or even a one shot homage to Rockin’ Wrestlin’. 

Guillory: Absolutely. There's a lot of potential there, and as a lifelong fan, I'd love to screw with these larger-than-life characters as long as I'm allowed.

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