DC's Digital Titles Hold The Line at $2.99, Despite Print Books' Price Increase

DC Comics February 2017 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

DC's newly-announced plans to add digital access codes as part of a $1 price increase to certain DC "Rebirth" titles will only affect print versions of those books. All $2.99 "Rebirth" titles will remain at that price point on digital distribution outlets, at least in April. 

As announced Tuesday, the print version of 15 monthly DC titles will be raised from $2.99 per issue to $3.99 per issue, with the added value of access codes for digital versions of each book. This change, planned to take affect in April, will affect Batgirl, Batgirl & The Birds of Prey, Batman Beyond, Batwoman, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, The Hellblazer, New Super-Man, Red Hood & The Outlaws, Super Sons, Supergirl, Superwoman, Teen Titans, Titans, and Trinity.

This new pricing plan seems to create a two-tiered pricing structure for the affected titles - print books (with digital access codes) sold by-and-large by brick-and-mortar comic book retailers will be $3.99 and digital books sold by digital retailers such as comiXology will be $2.99.

Additionally, the $4.99 All-Star Batman will also come with a digital access code, but is scheduled to remain at its current price point.

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