SUPERMAN Gets New (Or Is It An Old?) Costume In APRIL

"Action Comics #977" cover
Credit: Andy Kubert (DC Comics)
Credit: Patrick Gleason (DC Comics)

Just a few weeks shy of "Rebirth"'s one year anniversary, DC's Superman will be donning a new costume that harkens back to his roots before the "New 52." As first reported by ComicBook, the Man of Steel will have a new look with April 5's Supermn #20, which follows the "Superman Reborn" arc in March. 

The most notable changes from the costume that debuted with "Rebirth" is the red boots, which is a callback to his post-Crisis design. Smaller changes include alterations to the "New 52" belt, and the removal of the wristbands added during that era.

No sign, however, of the red trunks.


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