TRUMP Calls MARVEL CEO 'One of the Great Men of Business,' Comments On Role In New U.S. Presidential Administration

Donald Trump
Credit: NBC

United States' President-Elect Donald Trump commended and clarified Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter's involvement in his incoming administration as part of a televised press conference held on Wednesday. Perlmutter, who has been a public supporter of Trump for over a year, will be involved in the oversight of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs alongside David Shulkin, who was appointed as department's Head Secretary.

"Ike Perlmutter has been very very involved. One of the great men of business," said Trump. "And we’re gonna straighten out the VA for our veterans. I’ve been promising that for a long time."

Perlmutter, a Israeli army veteran who served during 1967's Six-Day War, has shown a long-time public interest in health care; in 1993, a donation by his family to the New York University School of Medicine helped establish the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Professorship and Chair in Cell Biology. Laura Perlmutter has served as a trustee at the NYU Medical Center since 1993. The reclusive CEO was first associated with Trump after his and his wife Laura were named in January 2016 by the then-Republican Presidential candidate as donating $1 million to the then-candidate's charity for wounded veterans.

Although its not publicly known if the two businessmen have ever worked together before in an official capacity, Trump appeared as himself in a 1997 episode of Night Man, based on a character from the Marvel-owned Malibu Comics. Perlmutter became a co-owner of Marvel in 1990.

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