SUICIDE SQUAD Shake-Up As ROMITA Comes Onboard 2 Issues Early, But With Co-Artist

Suicide Squad by John Romita Jr.
Credit: John Romita Jr./Danny Miki (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Comics

John Romita Jr. and inker Richard Friend were solicited to join Suicide Squad with March's #13, but DC has informed retailers the notoriously-quick artist will now be joining the title with February's Suicide Squad #11, replacing originally-solicited artist Riley Rossmo. Romita and Friend won't be alone however, as Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira will be drawing roughly 12 pages of each issue of this five-issue arc with them.

No reason was given for the departure of Riley Rossmo, however Newsarama is told he has other DC projects in the works.

This Suicide Squad arc, titled "Bringing Down The House," picks up directly after the conclusion of the current Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event.

"Hidden somewhere deep within, the world is a burning flame. Its light is blinding. Its heat is deadly. It's a fire fueled by hatred, by rage and by vengeance. Used, abused and left for dead, the greatest foe the Suicide Squad has ever faced returns, more powerful than ever, to burn down the world Amanda Waller has given everything to protect," reads DC's description of the arc.

Suicide Squad #11 remains scheduled for February 8, with #12 coming on February 22, and then #13 on March 8.

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