DEADPOOL 2 Will be a Solo Movie, Though CABLE Still in Plans Says Writers

Still from "Deadpool"
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Credit: Rob Liefeld (20th Century Fox)

The success of 2016's Deadpool led to many hopes, ambitions and additional characters hitching their bandwagon to the planned sequel, but screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are adamant that Ryan Reynolds' Merc with a Mouth won't be undercut and is on target to be filmed this year.

"Yeah, it’ll be a solo movie. It’ll be populated with a lot of characters, but it is still Deadpool’s movie, this next one," Reese told Deadline. "We’re pushing forward very hard. I think by every account we will shoot it this year, and we’re on our multiple draft now. It’s taken different twists and turns, but it’s really coalescing, and we’re very, very excited. We’re a little nervous, because now we feel like we have to live up to the first movie, but at the same time, we have to have faith, and we have an extreme passion still, and as long as we have passion still, and it’s not a mercenary, venal play, which we don’t think this is, I think we’ll be in good shape."

Much of the chatter about the Deadpool sequel has been about the debut of Cable, which was specifically promised in the original's post-credits scene. Wernick laughs at the brashness of it, and explains their stance on the character.

"We were like the athlete who guarantees victory before the game," Wernick laughed. "It’s a world that’s so rich and we always thought Cable should be in the sequel. There was always debate whether to put him in the original, and it felt like we needed to set up Deadpool and create his world first, and then bring those characters into his world in the next one."

A release date for the Deadpool sequel has not been specified.

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