Russia's Largest Comics Publisher BUBBLE Expands To North America with 'Second Wind'

BUBBLE Comics January cover
Credit: BUBBLE Comics

Russan publisher BUBBLE Comics is expanding into North America with the launch this month of four ongoing series - all drawn by women. The four series co-exist in BUBBLE's interconnected continuity, and are scheduled to be debut via comiXology throughout January.

Founded in 2011, BUBBLE Comics quickly became Russia's largest home-grown comic publisher with over a half-dozen monthly titles such as Major Grom, Friar, Red Fury, Demon Slayer, Exlibrium and Meteora. The company's film company BUBBLE Studios is releasing a movie based on Major Grom in February 2017.

Here are the four titles debuting in North America this month:

Genre: spy drama
Writer: Natalia Devova
Artist: Alina Erofeeva
Colorist: Victoria Vinogradova
First issue cover: Yulia Shevtsova
Nika Chaikina was the best in her field: a master thief that became a secret agent, she has completed many successful missions around the world and saved the planet from the forces of evil multiple times.
But in the end the evil won.
Nika had lost everything she fought for… She will never get her old life back but she must move forward. Now she has to gain back her strength, overcome the pain, defeat her inner demons – and begin the new war. Because the evil keeps growing: a powerful corporation wants to control all the people with superpowers and establish the new world order.
After surviving a personal tragedy Nika can help people that gained superpowers to cope with changes in their lives – and avenge herself. But first she needs to put together a team. She is going to need allies…


Genre: action horror
Writer: Alex Hatchett
Artist: Anastasia Kim
Colorist: Lada Akishina
First issue cover: Natalia Zaidova
Hell came to Earth!
Vicious Antichrist has united all the legions of Hell under his banner, and now our world faces great danger! But the mankind is under the protection of Demonslayer – perhaps the greatest hero in its history.
After taking on a mission of saving the planet, Demonslayer gathered a team of like-minded individuals that help him fight forces of evil! Little imp from Hell called Sneak, the shaman Black Hound, the witch Queen of the Rot, the homeless girl Yana and the living nightmare Balor that lives inside her mind – this magical squad doesn’t look like your typical heroes but they are the last hope of the Earth in the face of the demon invasion!


Igor Grom
Genre: detective thriller
Writer: Alexey Zamski
Artist: Natalia Zaidova
Colorist: Maria Vasilieva
First issue cover: Ilya Kuvshinov
Major Igor Grom was the best policeman of Saint Petersburg… until the war on crime didn’t break him completely. Grom had lost a woman he loved, his friends and colleagues – and, worst of all, he lost himself…
But Igor isn’t giving up. He pulls himself together and gets back to what he joined the police for – helping people and saving Saint Petersburg. And even after falling to the very bottom he is going to open his city from new, unpredictable sides and see right into its dark soul. Maybe that’s where he will find the answers he’s looking for.


Genre: fantasy adventure
Writers: Roman Kotkov and Evgeniy Fedotov
Artist: Anna Rud
Colorist: Anastasia Troitskaya
First issue cover: Ivan Elyasov
We’ve got two kinds of news: a fantastic one and an even more fantastic one.
First of all, our Earth is just a part of the Collar of Worlds that consists of many parallel worlds. And, second of all, the gods that you read about in myths and legends actually exist. And any world that they visit will be destroyed in an apocalypse!
But don’t worry: there are heroes that will not let that happen. The universe is protected by the Realmwalkers – the mighty warrior of the ancient lineage Andrey Radov and his wife Kseniya that can control plants and their friend - the former Ivan Tsarevich who transformed into the Grey Wolf. Whenever one of the Earths gets a divine intervention, our trio immediately races to help! And their coordinators in this journey are the deathless ruler of Eden Koschei and Vasilisa the Wisest that observe the Collar from the edge of the Universe.
Each new world is unlike the previous, each new monster is more dangerous – but the Realmwalkers are no weaklings either. They have magical abilities and incredible weapons – but the most important thing they have is themselves. Together this team can defeat any enemy and save all the worlds from annihilation… if they don’t get tired of each other first…

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