Black Panther
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Black Panther may - or may not - have just gained another prestige cast member in the form of The Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad. In a recent interview, The Undefeated quoted actor Sterling W. Brown as saying working with Rashad on the film. However, since the interview was published, his mention of her name as part of the Black Panther cast has been redacted from the interview with no clarification.

"To work with Academy Award winners … to be with Michael B. Jordan after the incredible work he’s done in Creed," said Brown in the original text of the interview (via MoviePilot). "Danai Gurira, Phylicia Rashad, Forest Whitaker — like, it’s embarrassing."

The piece has since been edited to remove Rashad's name. It's unclear if this means her casting is meant to be kept a secret, if Brown misspoke when naming her as part of the cast, or if The Undefeated's writer Kelley L. Carter made a mistake. The Undefeated is owned by ESPN, which is in turned owned by Disney - the same parent company as Marvel Studios, who could have had issue with a new cast member being announced in this manner.

Rashad has worked with Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler before, resuming her Rocky role of Mary Anne Creed, Adonis Creed's adoptive mother in Creed.

Marvel has offered no official word on the situtation. Black Panther is due out in theaters February 16, 2018.

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