MARVEL Fans Rally Against Changes To Digital Comics Initiative

X-Men by John Cassaday
Credit: John Cassaday (Marvel Comics)

Some fans aren't excited about Marvel's new digital code redemption program taking effect in February, which no longer provides codes to the book being purchased, but to a rotating group of set titles that will change every week. A petition to revert the program back to its original format has launched on Change.Org.

"Marvel Comics has just decided to change how they run their digital code program," reads the petition from user James MacDonald of Calgary Canada (which could be a pseudonymous Alpha Flight reference, or simple coincidence). "They will no longer give digital copies of the title purchased but instead give a set book(s) each week. Please help have this decision changed to actually give fans/customers the best value for their money."

At the time of publication, the petition stands at 191 digital signatures.

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