BULLSEYE Brings 'Marvel's Most Brutal Killer' Back In Fighting Form

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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The most dangerous killer in the Marvel Universe is back in fighting form, and he’s getting his own series to boot. That’s right, Bullseye is back to being a master assassin, capable of killing with anything at hand. There’s just one problem - he’s been down for the count so long, he’s got to prove his chops all over again.

That’s where Bullseye, a new limited series from writer Ed Brisson and artist Guillermo Sanna comes in. In the new series launching February 1, Brisson and Sanna pit Bullseye against a vicious crime cartel on a mission designed to reignite the cold-blooded killer’s bloodlust, and prove to the Marvel Universe he’s still the most deadly assassin in the game.

Newsarama spoke with Brisson about the upcoming series, discovering how Brisson plans to make readers sympathize with a total psychopath, and how Bullseye plans to reclaim his mantle as a master murderer. Included in this article is the first look at pages from March's Bullseye #2.

Newsarama: Ed, in recent years, Bullseye has undergone some major changes. It seems he’s a different guy every time he shows up. Where does your series find him?

Ed Brisson: We find him back on his feet after being killed, resurrected, paralyzed, confined to an iron lung, killed (again), and resurrected (again). He’s been off the street for a long while and is looking to make up for lost time. He’s looking for a chance where he can cut loose and inflict maximum carnage.

Nrama: Bullseye might be just about the most cold-blooded murderer in the Marvel Universe. How do you take that guy and make him a protagonist?

Brisson: What’s not to like about a cold-blooded murderer?

Honestly, I think that with everything that Bullseye’s been through, he feels a bit like an underdog. This series is him trying to get back on his feet and reclaim his position as Marvel’s most brutal killer in the only way that he knows how: by being a brutal killer.

We’ve put him up against an antagonist that will give Bullseye a run for his money in terms of brutality, so readers get the chance to sit back and watch two badasses duke it out.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: The solicitation for Bullseye #1 says this is what he does “for fun.” What is Bullseye getting up to in this story?

Brisson: He’s off to Colombia! He’s taken on a contract where the objective is to rack up a staggering body count, which is exactly what the doctor ordered after such a long time on hiatus. Bullseye’s off to get his Murder Mojo back.

So, off to Colombia he goes to fight against Teodor Zarco and The Black Knife Cartel - a group of murderous drug traffickers who’re thrilled at the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with Bullseye.

Nrama: You’re no stranger to the dark corner where superheroes and crime comics connect. How did you wind up writing Bullseye?

Brisson: I wish there were an exciting origin story here, but it was as simple as editor Mark Paniccia calling me up and asking if I’d be interested. He’d read The Violent and Murder Book and liked them enough to give me a shot on this.

That said, I really thought that this book would be the perfect fit for my first series at Marvel. A chance to flex my muscles. I get to write a dark character who’s got few redeeming qualities. I’ve had a lot of practice doing that in The Violent and Murder Book. It’s the type of story that I’m typically drawn to as a reader and love to sink my teeth into as a writer.

Nrama: Since he’s an assassin, will Bullseye be taking on any major targets? Any characters from the wider Marvel Universe?

Brisson: This go-round, he’s after someone new to the Marvel U, but we will be seeing some deep-cut Daredevil characters, namely Bullet and Shotgun, popping up throughout the series as well as some surprise guests in the last couple of issues. Bullseye isn’t as off-the-radar as he thinks he is.

Nrama: How does Bullseye tie into the rest of the Daredevil line? Is there connective tissue, or is it more of a spiritual connection?

Brisson: Right now, Bullseye is off on his own, trying to shake off the ring rust. But, he’ll be crashing back into Daredevil’s world before too long.

Nrama: You’re working with artist Guillermo Sanna. What does he bring to a tale like Bullseye?

Brisson: Guillermo is an incredible artist who doesn’t shy away from big action and detail. His art is very clean, but also has this incredibly kinetic energy to it. His storytelling chops are top notch. There are several fight scenes throughout the series that are like a buffet for the eyeballs. You can get lost in those pages for hours.

Nrama: Bullseye is a limited series. If it goes well, would you continue Bullseye’s solo adventures?

I would love nothing more. Writing this book has been an absolute joy and I’d love to continue it for a good long while.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: Bottom line, what can fans expect with your take on Bullseye?

Brisson: They can expect a dark, but fun, series where Bullseye turns an entire country upside down just to keep himself entertained. They can expect top-notch art from an artist who is sure to be their new favorite.

If readers have half as much fun reading the book as I’ve had writing it, then it’ll be worth it.

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