Original SCARLET SPIDER Returns In New Ongoing

"Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1" cover
Credit: Mark Bagley/John Dell/Jason Keith (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mark Bagley/John Dell/Jason Keith (Marvel Comics)

Marvel has announced a new Scarlet Spider ongoing series from writer Peter David and artist Mark Bagley (via CBR). The series stars Ben Reilly returning to the identity he originated in the 1990s.

Reilly recently returned as part of The Clone Conspiracy, with the new title having been teased as spinning out of that story for some time. The new series will also feature Kaine, another clone of Peter Parker, in a supporting role, as well as a new villain named Cassandra Mercury who blames Ben Reilly for her daughter's untimely death.

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1 will launch in April.

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