Report: MARVEL CEO To Become 'Key Adviser' On Veterans Care As Part of TRUMP Administration

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Marvel Entertainment CEO Isaac "Ike" Perlmutter will be a "key adviser" on U.S. veterans' health care under United States President-Elect Donald Trump's administration, according to The New York Post. The Israeli war veteran-turned-entrepreneur was first associated with Trump after his and his wife Laura were named in January 2016 by the then-Republican Presidential candidate as donating $1 million to the then-candidate's charity for wounded veterans.

Perlmutter has shown a long-time public interest in health care; in 1993, a donation by his family to the New York University School of Medicine helped establish the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Professorship and Chair in Cell Biology. Laura Perlmutter has served as a trustee at the NYU Medical Center since 1993.

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