Marvel Giving Retailers 10% Extra of January Books FREE - And How It'll Affect Sales Charts

Marvel Comics January 2017 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has announced plans to overship all of its January 2017 titles by 10% for free to retailers. This will mean for every ten copies of a January Marvel book bought by retailers, they'll receive an additional copy; and furthermore, Marvel will be rounding up the percentages, meaning if less than ten copies of a book is ordered, a free copy will still be send along with the paid titles.

That gives retailers extra copies of books to for a profit of full cover price per issue (minus the shipping charges from the distributor).

So will Marvel's sales be 10% higher in Diamond Comics Distributors' sales figures for January 2017? Yes and no, according to Diamond.

"When publishers ship extra books to retailers at no charge - which is done by more than Marvel - we’ll add it to the unit share of the charts, but not the dollar share," said Diamond's Michael Moccio.

Overshipping a common practice in North American comic books, used by Marvel as well as other publishers over the years.

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