Report: DEADPOOL Tops DC, Marvel & Even STAR WARS As 2016's Most Pirated Movie

"Deadpool" image
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Deadpool has topped TorrentFreak's annual charts of the most torrented movie of 2016, beating out DC and Marvel films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Estimated using several sources including download statistics from public BitTorrent trackers, the list is dominated by blockbuster films - but it varies wildly in order from box office figures.

Here's the full list:

1. Deadpool
2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
3. Captain America: Civil War
4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
5. X-Men: Apocalypse
6. Warcraft
7. Independence Day: Resurgence
8. Suicide Squad
9. Finding Dory
10. The Revenant

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