Murder Society Boards A Train In DARK HORSE PRESENTS #30

"Dark Horse Presents #30" preview

A look at six stories from Dark Horse Presents #30, due out January 18.

Writer: Paul Levitz, Carla Speed McNeil, Kaare Andrews, Dean Haspiel, John Nadeau, Dan Jolley, Francesco Francavilla
Artist: Carla Speed McNeil, Dean Haspiel, John Nadeau, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Hamilton, Troy Nixey
Cover Artist: Francisco Ruiz
Paul Levitz, Carla Speed McNeil, Francesco Francavilla, and more are featured in this month’s issue of the award-winning Dark Horse Presents! Continuing stories include Dean Haspiel’s The Red Hook; Dan Jolley and John Nadeau’s Murder Society; and The Black Sinister by Kaare Andrews, Troy Nixey, and Dave McCaig; as well as McNeil’s Finder, Francavilla’s The Black Beetle, and Levitz’s Brooklyn Blood, illustrated by Tim Hamilton!
FC, 48 pages; Ongoing

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