SNYDER & CAPULLO's 2017 DC EVENT To Be 'Celebratory, Huge, & Crazy'

Justice League by Greg Capullo
Credit: DC Comics

Greg Capullo just signed a contract to return to DC Comics and reunite with his Batman partner Scott Snyder on a summer 2017 DC event title, and now Snyder is shedding some light on what it'll be.

“Greg calls it our 'Batman heavy metal rock opera,'” Snyder told CBR. “It’s going to be a big, epic Batman story with flaming armor, an over-the-top capstone to a lot of the stuff that we’ve done with him. It’s all mapped out. I’ve just been out to Burbank with Geoff Johns going over it, and going over what he’s doing. It was great. It was one of the best story meetings that I’ve ever had. We sat there for a couple of days and really tightened up some of the screws. Geoff was incredibly generous and helpful with it.”

The writer says that the name of the event has been decided, but is not at a place to reveal it yet.

"[It's] my favorite name, but I can't say it yet," said Snyder. "Dan [DiDio] would murder me."

Snyder said that the event will veer away from the common trope of superheores fighting superheroes, and will use current continuity to open up the doors for future stories a la Crisis On Infinite Earths.

“Above all, what I really want it to be for fans is to not have it feel like the kind of event that we’ve seen before. I love DC events. They’re bonkers and wonderful, but generally, they refer back to continuity, or they are all about where the line is at that moment in time,” said Snyder. “Geoff’s best ones have been plain-out great stories, but I think “Crisis,” for example, is in conversation with what we need to do with the line, as good as they are. What I want this one to be is different. I want it built out of the stories happening now and creating new material and giving everybody a place to tell stories that fit what they’re doing on their books, and feels really modern and different and above all fun. I don’t want it to be grim. I don’t want it to be superheroes arguing over something. Superheroes won’t be fighting superheroes. I want it to be celebratory, and huge, and crazy. I am going for out of control dinosaurs and lasers. It should be fun.”

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