Warner Bros. Buys Midway Games

Blog@: Alex Ross Covers MK v DCU

As no other parties placed bids, Warner Bros. has purchased most of the beleaguered game company’s assets for $33 million, which includes the Mortal Kombat franchise, Spy Hunter, and Joust, among others.

According to the Variety report, Warners purchased the rights to Wheelman, a videogame “starring” Vin Diesel which the company had pinned its financial hopes on, but did not purchase the Newcastle and San Diego game studios. Both studios will be shut down if no buyers are found.

As seen by some pundits, Warner Bros. got a deal on the assets, but it is unclear where in the Warner Bros. family of companies the Mortal Kombat franchise and other characters will land for exploitation. Obviously, one of the easisest landing pads for the Mortal Kombat franchise (in part) would be DC Comics to expand teh franchise and build the world for later exploitation and exploration.

According to Variety, another Mortal Kombat/DC crossover is planned, along with possible re-imaginings of classic Midway titles.

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