The JLA Meets Teshkeel's The 99

If this was the ‘70s, there’d be a solid temptation to call it “The Cross-Cultural Crisis!” While we’ll let those better suited to modern naming conventions take care of the title, DC, via it’s Source blog, has announced that the Justice League will team with Teshkeel’s The 99 in an upcoming miniseries.

The 99, for those who’ve missed it, are Islamic heroes who are tasked with collecting 99 gems, each containing a facet of the wisdom and power that was contained in the Dar Al-Hikma library of Baghdad.

The miniseries will be written by Azrael and former The 99 writer Fabian Nicieza. DC did not name the artist slated to work on the series or when the miniseries will begin.

Although, the question has to be asked - if this crossover is a push by DC to get into more of the Middle Eastern market via Teshkeel's distribution, will Wonder Woman, one of the more...naked female superheroes make it into the story?

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