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Credit: Marvel Comics

Fans left wondering just how Peter's Parker's clone Ben Reilly came to be the Jackal, as revealed in The Clone Conspiracy #3, finally have some answers this week as Amazing Spider-Man #22 delves into Reilly's return, courtesy of writer Dan Slott and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. What's more, it seems Reilly and Parker may just have some common ground even after Reilly's heel turn.

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #22.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Most of Amazing Spider-Man #22 is spent with Reilly explaining that after he dissolved into sludge at the end of the infamous "Clone Saga" back in the 90s, Miles Warren collected what little remained of him, cloning him again and making him the first recipient of his new and improved "New U" process.

However, Ben was afflicted with the cellular degeneration that affects all New U clones, leading Warren to kill and clone him 27 more times - the memories of which have all remained with Reilly. Eventually, Reilly broke free, subduing and cloning Warren many times over in an effort to perfect the process, eventually creating the pill that halts the cellular degeneration.

After initially attacking Reilly for digging up Uncle Ben, Peter ceases his attack after Reilly's story - and an impassioned plea from Reilly to help clone Uncle Ben so that Spider-Man really can "save everyone."

Credit: Marvel Comics

While he stops short of outright agreeing to Reilly's cause, Peter does ominously say, "Tell me more," closing out the issue.

A possible turn for Peter to New U's side has been teased by Marvel and writer Dan Slott for some time, and has been shown to be the flashpoint of a zombie-like clone plague in alternate realities. Still, whether Peter actually goes through with helping clone Uncle Ben remains to be seen, possibly when The Clone Conspiracy #4 hits shelves on January 18.

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