RUCKA & SCOTT's BLACK MAGICK To Return In JUNE As Monthly Book

"Black Magick #1" cover
Credit: Image Comics

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott put their creator-owned series Black Magick on hiatus to relaunch DC's Wonder Woman for "Rebirth," and now that Scott's tenure on the book is ending the duo are planning the return of their Image Comics series. Originally announced as returning in April with new issues, Rucka has now stated that they are delaying it to June in order for the next arc to be released monthly without any skip-months.

"So upon reviewing the schedule with Nicola Scott and Jeanine Schaefer for Black Magick, we’ve decided to pushback our return date," tweeted Rucka. "Instead of the April-as-planned return, we’re going to push to June. We’re doing this for one reason, honestly - we want the arc to ship monthly. That means needing lead time. Apologies for the delay, but necessary, I’m afraid. It’ll be worth the wait!"

Black Magick originally launched in October 2015, with the first collected edition going on-sale in April.

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