Universal Setting Up An Asteroids Movie Based on the Game

Universal Setting Up An Asteroids Movie

Who would’ve thought that a simple black and white game with two dimensional vector graphics could spawn a movie?

That’s the case with Asteroids which was picked up by Universal after a four studio bidding war (emphasis ours), this according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The script for the film based on the 1979 game will be written by Matthew (Race to Witch Mountain) Lopez and produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

As the trade notes, compared to today’s games Asteroids has no plot or storyline, and Lopez will put together a word in which the game’s action exists. Universal is doing the same with the similar plot-less games, Battleship and Candyland.

Personal aside to the upper thirtysomethings...you're hearing the sounds from the game in your head now too, aren't you? 

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