Inhumans: Prime
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced a one-shot entitled Inhumans: Prime which will kick off Inhumans side of its "ResurrXion" joint Inhumans & X-Men relaunch.

The one-shot is written by Al Ewing, who will also write the previously announced Royals, a new ongoing series launching in "ResurrXion" that focuses on the Inhuman Royal Family. Ryan Sook will provide interior art for Inhumans: Prime, while the issue features a cover by JonBoy Myers.

"[Inhumans: Prime is] really what sets the landscape for the Inhumans Universe going forward," Inhumans group editor Charles Beacham told ScreenRant. "As we were putting together these books and talking to the creative teams, it was really amazing how organically these stories came together and we were able to come up with an overall mission and how these things tie together and went off on their own, into their own, to be able to explore there different corners of the Marvel Universe. So this Inhumans: Prime one shot is setting up that story and showing where the Royals are and what’s happening for them as they decide to go off on this adventure: where these other Inhumans are; why they have this need to form this team together. Kind of sets up Black Bolt‘s new status quo and teases where we’re going to find him when his book starts. Just setting the landscape, laying the groundwork for what things are going to look like in April and May and going forward."

Inhumans: Prime will be on shelves in spring 2017.

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