DEADPOOL At War With Wife SHIKLAH In New Spring Crossover Event

"Deadpool: Til Death Do Us" image by Reilly Brown
Credit: Reilly Brown (Marvel Comics)

The honeymoon is over.

Less than two years after they were married, Deadpool and Shiklah are going to war in a new six-part crossover titled Deadpool: Til Death Do Us. First reported by ComicBook, the series will connect through two issues (each) of Deadpool, Spider-Man/Deadpool, and Deadpool & the Mercs For Money in March and April 2017.

Originally introduced in the digital-first series Deadpool: The Gauntlet back in January 2014, Shiklah was revealed as Deadpool's bride in April 2014's Deadpool #27. Shiklah is queen of an underground city known as Monster Metropolis, and shown to be at odds with Wade Wilson even in wedded bliss.

Credit: Reilly Brown (Marvel Comics)

In Deadpool: Til Death Do Us, Shiklah is said to declare war on humanity, forcing Deadpool to choose sides.

"In the first chapter of this we see the encroachment on the Monster Metropolis from above, from the surface world. Humans and monsters are not great neighbors. At the end of a long series of incidents of poor behavior on both sides, Shiklah decides she's had enough," said Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan. "Even though she is coming to terms with Deadpool not being a great husband, she is also beholden to her people, so this is very much an act of preservation in her mind for her kingdom. It also will force Deadpool to make some choices. Are you with the soft pink surface dwellers or are you with your wife and her citizens back down below?"

Duggan explained that he and series editor Jordan White hae discussed this potential fallout between Shiklah and Deadpool since the earliest days of the character.

"My parents were married for 17 years and then they were divorced for 17 years and now they're back together, so I'm intimately aware of the inner dynamics of this relationship. All these emotions run super hot," Duggan explained. "They do, the two character do love each other, but they also, are being pulled in big opposite direction."

Salva Espin will be drawing Duggan's Deadpool issues during this crossover, while Deadpool: Too Soon writer Joshua Corin and artist Scott Koblish are taking over Spider-Man/Deadpool. Christopher Hastings and Iban Coello are doing the Deadpool & The Mercs for Money issues of the crossover.

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