Savage Things #1
Credit: Vertigo
Credit: Vertigo

Vertigo has announced a new eight-issue mini-series from Legacy of Luther Strode writer Justin Jordan and High Crimes artist Ibrahim Moustafah titled Savage Things.

Savage Things tells the story of a group of highly trained agents of chaos spreading destruction throughout the country, while a man named Abel, who defected from the group, tries to put a stop to their rampage.

“I’ve always loved spy thrillers and horror, but I haven’t seen a lot that melds the two genres,” Jordan explained. “We’ve seen in the real world how easy it is for a handful of people to bring the gears of civilization grinding to a halt by spreading shock and fear. Those are amateurs. Imagine what we’d get if there were a group of people - brilliant, gifted people - whose entire lives had been training them to spread fear to destabilize a society. That was horrifying to me. Terrifying to me. And that’s what Savage Things is about. It’s about the weapons we create being turned on us.”

“Justin and I are aiming to deliver a high level of intrigue and excitement, with a flavor that is unique to Vertigo and the comics medium,” said Moustafa. “As a visual storyteller, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from comics like Scalped, The Losers, and Sleeper. Additionally, my love of movies like the James Bond films, The Bourne Identity, John Wick, and Hanna will be evident as well. On top of that, we are honored to have John Paul Leon doing covers for the series.”

Savage Things #1 is scheduled for release on March 1, 2017.

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