GREAT WALL Prequel Coming To Comic Books

The Great Wall: Last Survivor
Credit: Legendary
Credit: Legendary

Legendary Comics has announced The Great Wall: Last Survivor, a comic book prequel to The Great Wall, the upcoming fantasy adventure film starring Matt Damon.

The Great Wall: Last Survivor will hit shelves on January 17, a few weeks prior to the theatrical release of The Great Wall on February 17, and will provide some backstory for the characters and concepts of the film.

Here is the full solicitation:

The Great Wall: Last Survivor
Writer: Arvid Nelson 
Artist: Gian Fernando
Cover: Whilce Portacio
128 Page Hardcover graphic novel and Ebook
SRP: $24.99 Release Date: 1/24/17
What if an army was created to defend our world from an enemy so dangerous, its very existence must be kept a secret? Built to keep out the ferocious Tao Tei, The Great Wall is the most powerful defensive structure ever built; but it is the heroes within that make the wall great: The Nameless Order. Set sixty years prior to the film, in the mysterious lands of ancient China, tragedy forces young Bao into joining The Nameless Order and upholding the corps’ four principles: Discipline, Loyalty, Secrecy, and Sacrifice. Challenged by rivals, haunted by his past, and tested by desires, Bao spends his life preparing for one singular moment: when he will have to defend the world from ferocious monsters that have come to devour us all.

An original graphic novel inspired by the major motion picture The Great Wall from Legendary, Universal Pictures, China Film Co., Ltd and Le Vision Pictures, directed by Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers) and starring Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe. The Great Wall: Last Survivor is written by Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi) with art by Gian Fernando (13 Legends). The cover art is by Whilce Portacio.
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